SolFarm v1 is now open for harvest

🧑‍🌾 Greetings to all Solana farmers, the wait is over and the farm is now open for harvest. SolFarm v1 vaults have launched and support Raydium LP token deposits for the following vaults:


Unfortunately, the COPE-USDC vault has been put on hiatus. Due to the token not having decimals, there is an error with rounding that can lead to loss of funds. We have been informed that COPE may be relaunching the token to fix the decimal issue and our team will monitor that closely.

Farmers only need to deposit LP tokens, and the rest of the work is done by the vault.

Our compounder currently harvests at an hourly rate but we may adjust this based on vault performance and TVL.

The fee structure at launch will consist of the following:

  • Controller fee: 0.01%
  • Platform Fee: 0.1%
  • Vault Fees: 0.0%
  • No deposit/withdrawal fees

The fees are subject to change in the future based on the needs of the platform.

WARNING: All code on SolFarm is in beta and experimental. Please exercise discretion when using the dApp. Our team is currently in talks with several auditing firms for audit requests.

Transactions generally take 1 minute to confirm and propagate on the network, please do not spam click requests as it will increase unnecessary server load and cause unwanted transactions.

What’s Next

The team is already working on the next update to our vaults, including vaults for the double reward asset pools on Raydium and allowing users to zap in/out (provide/withdraw single asset on our UI).

Early farmers may also be rewarded in the near future. ;)

We are very excited to be launching and we look forward to seeing bountiful harvests in the fields of SolFarm!

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