Adding Liquidity to SolFarm

A quick guide on how to add liquidity to SolFarm

Hello new SolFarmers, this article will detail how to utilize our v1 vaults.

Firstly, you would have to add liquidity for your desired pair on Raydium.

Use the module to add the desired amount of liquidity and Raydium will give you LP tokens for that specific pair. You can then navigate to the vault page and click on your desired pair.

If done correctly, the LP tokens will show up in the “Wallet Balance” column and you will be able to deposit. Once deposited, the funds will appear in the “Deposited” Column. Any rewards accrued will be added to your “Deposited” balance.

To avoid users hopping in and out of vaults to game rewards, you will be required to keep your funds in the pool for at least 2 hours to avoid any penalties. If you withdraw before this period elapses, you will forfeit any rewards accrued during that time.

Happy farming!

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